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I'm back! Introducing

We have some catching up to do since my last blog post in January of '22.

2022 was a year of repair. Some updates:

  1. Back then, I was working in technology and running a side gig coaching burned out professionals who were struggling finding meaning in their work. Strange how life is- sometimes you say to someone exactly what what you need to hear yourself. It was those clients who inspired me to return back to career coaching full-time. And I did.

  2. I embarked on a pretty serious health journey. My second pregnancy did some serious damage to my physical health, which resulted in significant mental health impacts. The surgical preparation and 12 week recovery renewed a fire in me to get healthy again: body and mind.

Now comes the soul healing part. 2023 is a year of restoration:

  1. In early 2023, I completed the Strengths Coach Certification program and fell in love with my work again, focusing on Career Wellbeing and its impact on our general wellbeing. Did you know that of the 5 elements of wellbeing, Career Wellbeing has the greatest impact on our overall wellbeing? That's right, folks- we take work home with us whether or not we are aware.

  2. I did some exploration, a little soul-searching, some networking and registered for a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification, with a focus on meditation and socio-emotional learning. My certification will be complete in March '24. Stay tuned to the blog to follow along that journey.

  3. Today, it all came together as I launch the new version of my website for Samantha McGurgan Coaching practice, which includes: Strengths Coaching, Career Wellbeing, and Life Design. is a container for the intersection of wellbeing + work, which to me involves keeping my body, mind, and spirit healthy while also carrying out a fulfilling career and being a present mother of two little boys and a good partner to my husband. I don't know the answers for everyone, and barely have the answers for myself, but hopefully by sharing my pursuit of a life well lived, it will support yours as well.

See you on the mat, in the gym, on the playground and in the office!



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